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Fuzzy Vengeance

My drawing is a part of the All Monsters Attack! exhibit at The Box Gallery from October 17 – November 15. I felt honored to have my work included in this art exhibition. Fuzzy Vengeance, pencil & charcoal Advertisements

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Blog Tour 2014: The Writing Process

Suzanne Hodsden ( tagged me for the Writer’s Blog Tour. This tickles me beyond any rational reaction, because Suz has an MFA in literature and her short story was a finalist for the Jack Dyer Fiction Award. That she considers me a … Continue reading

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My drawing is a contender for the Akron Art Prize

My pencil drawing, titled “The Horror,” will be on display at ARTWALLS from Sept. 6 through Oct. 4 as an entry in the Akron Art Prize. The winner of the Akron Art Prize will be determined by public voting at the venue, … Continue reading

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The Horde: Chapter 3 with author self-critique

HAVOC Havoc looked[i] around the former insurgent camp. The bodies had been collected, searched and buried. The few prisoners were being interrogated, and his sentries were posted, watching for rebel messengers or hunters returning to camp. He didn’t want word … Continue reading

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The Horde: Chapter 2 – Harlequin (part 3) with author self-critique

CHAPTER 2: HARLEQUIN (continued) Harlequin walked through the narrow tunnel. The pitch-black passage smelled musty, and the uneven slate floor made walking hazardous. She had scars from when she was learning each crack and step, twist and turn of the … Continue reading

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THE HORDE Chapter 2 with author’s self-critique

CHAPTER 2: HARLEQUIN (continued) All the harlequins were highly trained in martial arts, slight of hand, languages, disguise, and poisons. Each had a handful of alter egos that they used to function in society and gather more intelligence. They wore … Continue reading

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Speculative Fiction Short Stories

It’s official! “Choose Death” has been published in  March, 2014 Issue #26 of, a quarterly ezine by a community of writers, poets and artists. I’m so honored to be included as one of their contributors, and I am very grateful … Continue reading

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