Killer Nashville!


I’m shivering with anticipation. In a few days, I’ll be attending the Killer Nashville International Writers Conference, where I’ll be pitching my new cozy mystery, Gimme Shelter:

Heather Daniels, a local news anchor who was born missing a foot, leaves television behind to rescue animals. She’s landed her dream job as the new Executive Director of a non-profit county humane society, where they desperately need to improve their donations and public relations.

So, how to put a positive spin on the murdered kennel manager who is found at the animal shelter? Not to mention make sure the rescue animals are cared for, which was the dead employee’s job.

Donations plummet due to the murder. If the culprit isn’t arrested soon, the animals will suffer the consequences. Heather starts doing what she does best: asking questions.

“Did the victim have any enemies?”

“What is the protocol for a loose rabbit in the kennel?”

“Can someone untangle these kittens from my hair?”

Her inquiries uncover a jealous husband, a stolen inheritance, and the trick of using carrots to lure bunnies. Catching killers isn’t in her job description, but it’s the only way Heather can save her humane society.

6 thoughts on “Killer Nashville!

  1. This is so cool! Congrats!

    How are things going? I feel like we haven’t talked in forever!!

    I’ve been busy at work but unfulfilled. Actually looking for something else. I think my company is in financial strains (ruins) and I need to look at other options. I really hate the job search process!

    Hope all is well. Miss you! XO

    Renee A. Vale

    1. Thank you!! I know, right?? I’ll have lots of drive time each way — I’ll give you a call. 🙂 Bummer about the job dissatisfaction. Any organization would be lucky to have you, though. You’ll find something wonderful.

      Miss you too! XO

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