Advance praise for short stories by Shannon Waller

I’m very excited about the upcoming publication of two speculative fiction shorts I’ve sold. These stories could not have been written without the support and input of the talented artists in the Akron Writer’s Group.

“Devil At The Crossroads” by Shannon Waller
Colton is a dim-witted, small-time criminal who steals a compass that will lead him to the devil. He’s intent on selling his soul to become a rock star, but he’s dismayed to learn that he doesn’t have enough soul left to buy the fortune and fame he craves. Instead, he negotiates a deal that will change his life.

Advance praise for “Devil at the Crossroads”, pending publication in the Winter 2014 issue of The Colored Lens:

“The editorial team really enjoyed this one. The characters are nicely developed, and we really enjoyed the mood and tone of the piece.”

Dawn Lloyd, Editor in Chief
The Colored Lens

“Choose Death” by Shannon Waller
The Grim Reaper is bored with his job. When he botches a kill by inadvertently preventing a fatal car crash, he offers his victim the option of choosing her cause of death. Her choice changes the trajectory of his existence.

Advance praise for “Choose Death” pending publication in the March, 2014 issue of New Myths:

“. . . well written and fun . . .”

Scott T. Barnes, Editor
New Myths

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