Published Short Stories

coloredlenscover                 Devil At The Crossroads
Colton is a dim-witted, small-time criminal who steals a compass that will lead him to the devil. He’s intent on selling his soul to become a rock star, but he’s dismayed to learn that he doesn’t have enough soul left to buy the fortune and fame he craves. Instead, he negotiates a deal that will change his life.

Praise for Devil at the Crossroads:  “The editorial team really enjoyed this one. The characters are nicely developed, and we really enjoyed the mood and tone of the piece.”

Dawn LloydEditor in Chief
The Colored Lens

newmythscoverChoose Death
The Grim Reaper is bored with his job. When he botches a kill by inadvertently preventing a fatal car crash, he offers his victim the option of choosing her cause of death. Her choice changes the trajectory of his existence.

Praise for Choose Death:

“. . . well written and fun . . .”

Scott T. Barnes, Editor
New Myths


Yet-to-be-Published Novels

Heather Daniels, a local news anchor who was born missing a foot, leaves television behind to rescue animals. She’s landed her dream job as the new Executive Director of a non-profit county humane society, where they desperately need to improve their donations and public relations.

So, how to put a positive spin on the murdered kennel manager who is found at the animal shelter? Not to mention make sure the rescue animals are cared for, which was the dead employee’s job.

Donations plummet due to the murder. If the culprit isn’t arrested soon, the animals will suffer the consequences. Heather starts doing what she does best: asking questions.

“Did the victim have any enemies?”

“What is the protocol for a loose rabbit in the kennel?”

“Can someone untangle these kittens from my hair?”

Her inquiries uncover a jealous husband, a stolen inheritance, and the trick of using carrots to lure bunnies. Catching killers isn’t in her job description, but it’s the only way Heather can save her humane society.


The Awakening

Cassidy Walker thinks she’s an ordinary motorcycle-riding, jewelry-designing martial artist with an alcoholic mother. She’s wrong. When a stranger tries to kill her, she doesn’t know it’s because a powerful secret fraternity believes that she could thwart its chance to rule the world.

Cassidy’s odd rich aunt dies, bequeathing her an heirloom pendant with a prophecy that pits Cassidy against Osiris, the Egyptian god of the dead. Supposedly, Osiris will awaken, be welcomed by his modern-day minions, and enslave all humanity. Only Cassidy with her pendant could stop him.

She doesn’t take this crazy prediction seriously. She has more immediate things to worry about after her mother’s second drunk driving arrest. Then a murder and a home invasion prove that other people believe the bizarre prophecy.

As she faces the choice to fight or flee, a message from the sexy trickster god Coyote convinces Cassidy that the pendant does have power: the power to grant a single wish. Now she must decide whether to use it against Osiris – or use it for herself.

From Appalachia to Devils Tower to California, The Awakening explores conflicting responsibilities to self, family, and society.

Paternal Publication

Poker, Knives and Temporary Tattoos: An Entrepreneur’s Memoir: A Late Night Idea Becomes a Game Day Phenomenon 

Dan Waller is a successful entrepreneur who built an innovative idea into a career. In developing a new product for sports fans, Waller has been able to pursue a venture based entirely on his own creation — an accomplishment many strive for, but few achieve. Waller’s experience in athletics, as well as professional success as a poker player, prepared him for the struggles ahead with Game Faces® temporary tattoos. After years of success, he’s eager to share his story and hopes to help others with their creative process as they strive for greatness with their own one-of-a-kind idea.